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Use an Excel template – excel monthly calendar template
Start a new document in Excel. If you click the File tab or the Office button and choose New, you will be offered many different templates to choose from.
For some versions of Excel, such as For example, Excel 2011 for Mac, you must choose New from the Template on the File menu instead of the New option.
Creating calendars from templates allows you to create empty calendars that you can fill with events. None of your data will be converted to calendar format. If you want to convert an Excel data list to an Outlook calendar, read the next section.

excel monthly calendar template, search and Look for calendar templates. Depending on the version of Office you are using, there may be a Calendar tab, or you can simply type “Calendar” in the search box. Some versions of Excel highlight several calendar templates on the main page. If it meets your needs, you can use it or browse all calendar templates online.
You can determine your search for your needs. For example, if you want an academic calendar, you can search instead of “academic calendar.”

excel monthly calendar template

excel monthly calendar template, Set the template to the correct data. After the template is loaded, you will see your new blank calendar. The date might be wrong, but you can usually change it using the menu that appears when you choose a date.
The process depends on the template used. Usually, you can choose the year or month that is displayed and then click the ▼ button next to it. The options you can choose are displayed and the calendar is adjusted automatically.
Usually, you can also set the day of the week by selecting it and choosing a new one.

Search for tips. Many templates have text boxes with tips for modifying data or adjusting other settings for calendar templates. You must delete these text boxes if you do not want them to appear on your printed calendar.

Correct the preview that you want to change. You can customize the appearance of each item by selecting one and then changing the Home tab. You can change fonts, colors, sizes and more like other Excel objects.

Enter your event. After your calendar is configured correctly, you can enter events and information. Select the cell to which you want to add the event and start typing. If you need to do more than one thing in one day, you might need to handle your distance creatively.

Import an Excel list into the Outlook calendar – excel monthly calendar template
Create a new blank spreadsheet in Excel. You can import Excel data into your Outlook calendar. This can greatly simplify imports of things like routines.

excel monthly calendar template

Add the appropriate title to your worksheet. It is much easier to import your list into Outlook if your table is formatted with the appropriate title. Enter the following post in the first line:
Start Date
Start Time
End Date
End Time

Enter each calendar entry in a new line. The Subject field is the name of the event that appears on your calendar. You don’t have to enter anything for each field, but you need at least “start date” and “subject”.
Make sure you enter the date in the standard MM /  DD / YY or DD / MM / YY format so that it can be read correctly in Outlook.
Use the Start Date and End Date fields to create multi-day events.

Excel monthly calendar template

Open the Save As menu. After adding all the events to the list, you can save a copy in the list that can be read by Outlook.

Select “CSV (comma separated)” from the file type menu. This is a common format that can be imported into various programs, including Outlook.

Save file. Name the list and save it in CSV format. Click Yes when asked to Excel if you want to continue.

Open your calendar in Outlook. Outlook comes with Office and is usually installed if you have already installed Excel. When Outlook opens, click the Calendar button in the lower left corner to display your calendar.

Click the File tab and select Open and Export. Various options for working with Outlook data are displayed.

excel monthly calendar template

Select Import / Export. This opens a new window for importing and exporting data to and from Outlook.

Select “Import from another program or file” and then “Comma Separated Value”. You will be asked to select the file that you want to boot.

Click Browse and look for the .csv file that was created in Excel. You will usually find it in the Documents folder if you have not changed the default location in Excel.

Make sure Calendar is selected as the destination folder. It must be selected because you are in Outlook Calendar view.

Click Finish to import the file. Your list will be processed and events will be added to your Outlook calendar. You will find your event in the right place. The time depends on your list. If you have added a description, they will be displayed after selecting an event. excel monthly calendar template

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